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Title Reports 

Definition:  A Title Report is a stand-alone report that simply summarizes the documents filed of public record that affect the chain of title to a particular parcel of land since the current titleholder took title.  Title Reports include any unreleased judgments or liens against the current titleholders.  Unlike Abstracts, Title Reports do not include a report of easements.  The most typical documents reported in a Title Report are Deeds and unreleased Mortgages. 


When to Order:  A Title Report is often ordered in the following situations: 

  1. when the current owner wants to refinance an existing mortgage

  2. when the current owner wants to take out a new mortgage

  3. for estate planning purposes (e.g. when it is unknown exactly what property is owned and a new legal description is required)

  4. when a property is to be sold at Tax Sale and a prospective buyer wants to know about any liens on the property

Time to Prepare:  Preparation of most Title Reports requires less than three days to complete.


Cost:  The cost of preparing a Title Report is typically $135.00.  The cost can be significantly more if a 24-month chain of title is required, if the Title Report requires an extended search period (e.g. if the land was acquired through probate a long time ago), or if many judgments or liens have to be shown.

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