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Mechanic's Lien Search

Definition:  A Mechanic's Lien Search is a one page document that certifies to any unreleased Mechanic's liens filed of public record against a particular parcel of land.  We search the records of the Clerk's Office for judgments indexed by legal description.  The most common Mechanic's Liens are those filed by vendors (e.g. a carpenter, electrician or plumber) who have completed work but have not been paid. 


When to Order:  A Mechanic's Lien Search is often ordered when a new home is being constructed or a home renovation project has been undertaken.  The search will help insure that the vendors who have completed work within the last 60 days have been paid. 


Time to Prepare:  Preparation of most Mechanic's Lien Searches requires less than 24 hours to complete.   


Cost:  The cost of preparing a Mechanic's Lien Search is $35.

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