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Personal Lien Search

Definition:  A Personal Lien Search is a one page document (typically) that certifies to any unreleased judgments or liens filed of public record against a particular individual.  We search the records of the Recorder's Office and the Clerk's Office for judgments indexed by name against the current titleholder or other individuals as requested.  The most common showings are federal tax liens and small claims judgments.  Personal Lien Searches are often used in conjunction with Preliminary Continuations as a way to search new Buyers when property is being purchased.


When to Order:  A Personal Lien Search is often ordered when a Preliminary Continuation has been completed as part of a purchase transaction and the lender now requires a search of the buyers for any existing liens that might attach to the property once the new buyers take title. 


Time to Prepare:  Preparation of most Personal Lien Searches requires less than 24 hours to complete.   


Cost:  The cost of preparing a Personal Lien Search is $35.

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